Our Life In the Community

Our Prayer for Mission : As we believe, so let us live. We pray that all people, looking upon us, your Christian community, will say in all sincerity, "See how they love one another", and wherever we have walked, the report will go around that the poor are clothed, the hungry are fed, the sorrowful comforted, and all creation proclaims the wonderous deed of God. All these things are possible for us, Lord God, only in Christ, with him and through him. may we be his hands and his feet. may others know and come to know his presence through our words and actions. May we do what we can in this place at this time. Amen!

The St. James community is involved in many aspects of life in Manitowoc,Wisconsin, the surrounding area and the world beyond. Sometimes our involvement is more of a supportive role, sometimes it is hands on, sometimes it involves many people from our community and sometimes just a few. We continue to look for more opportunities to serve in God's world. To learn more about our involvement or about the organization, click on the name (link) provided.