Parish Life Ministry

The objective of this ministry is to help us find ways to grow our relationships with one another.  Many of the events that are planned are open to the greater community, especially our neighborhood. Some events are connected to specific church holidays or holy days or days that honor saints.  We have a tradition of blessing pets on the Sunday closest to the day honoring St. Francis of Assisi, who is historically known for his care of all God's creatures.

This group also helps make sure that we are able to have a time for fellowship after most of our worship services.  On Sundays we have beverages and a light snack following our 10a.m. worship service.

Some of the events have grown into traditions.  For example, a number of years ago several people that realized they were going to be alone or away from friends and family for Thanksgiving decided to get together and cook and eat a Thanksgiving meal at church. a tradition was born. Many people come to this meal in addition to other plans and for some people this is their annual connection to St.James!

The committee is open to anyone who is interested in this kind of planning.  Joining the group does not mean that you have to "do: or attend every activity, but you might want to.

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